Premier Breeder of English springer spaniels

We have two. Because once you get one you MUST get another. Layla is 5 and Avery is 21 months. GMS is 3 generations of loving, friendly, healthy Springers. Bethany Madden and her family are fabulous to work with, always available. They love what they do and it shows in the dogs they own and breed and in the pups these dogs have.  ~Jaimie Friedland~

8 years ago our daughter was living in Portland, OR, and she wanted a Graystone springer, so we had the wonderful job of picking out a pup. Graystone took care of all the work involved shipping "Cooper" out to Portland, he got there safe and sound, and he is a great dog. So great, that our other daughter got a Graystone dog, and then we got littermates. So four Graystones in our family. You've chosen the right breeder. Bethany Madden is awesome.  ~Elizabeth House~

Not enough space here for us to tell you how much joy our sweet Henry has brought to our lives. We love Greystone Springer Spaniels!!!
Our Groomer Lucie and I have decided he is the George Clooney of dogs--unbelievably good looking and completely
Charming! It's been nearly 8 years but I still vividly remember sitting in Laura's house when we picked Henry up and our lives have been indescribably better since that day.  ~Lizann McGowan-Killmeyer~

We have 2, brother and sister, Sophie and Tucker. At 2 1/2 they are so loving, funny and gorgeous. We have had 5 other Springers before we found Graystone and these dogs are the best!  ~Peggy Cain~

The words that best describe Graystone Springers is that they have wonderful temperaments. We love our Rosie.

~Diana Travis~

Rocky is 5 years old. He is a Burton/Liza pup. He is the most loving and loyal dog. I am considering getting him certified as a therapy dog because I think he would be perfect for it. And I would love to be able to bring him to nursing homes and hospitals. He is smart and he wants to learn and please us every day. I truly believe the breeding in the Graystone line has given the dogs the best temperament of being loving and calming dogs. We just love our handsome Rocky boy!

~Stephanie Tarantino~

We have two Graystone dogs, litter mates who are now 10 1/2 years young. Can't imagine life without them. They are smart, eager to please, fun to train and love to be in your lap or nearby. And, of course, they are beautiful as well.  ~Kathy Lewis~

Dexter, my 8 month old, runs with me, kayaks with me, goes to the office with me, loves everyone, and is the most even keeled dog ever. And he's beautiful.  ~Laurie DeMott~

Best. Dogs. Ever!! I have know Bethany Madden and for her family for years. Her mother had always told me how much we would love a Springer and I always told her absolutely not. That all changed the day I met Breeze. It was love at 1st sight and I knew that she was meant to be mine and I to be hers. Laura making it possible was one of the best things that has happened. I can't express how much I adore Breeze. And now we have one of her babies, Agusta. I groom a lot of springer spaniels and I always know which ones are from Graystone. They are always so well behaved and loving! I highly recommend A Graystone puppy!!  ~Chiloe Hunt~

Best dogs ever! Abby is liver and white and will be 4 in sept. Hazel is black and white and is a year and 8 months. They both have Henry as a father so they are half siblings. They are amazing dogs and have never had a health issue with either! Healthy and happy puppers! They make our house a home and are more than I could ask for in a fur kid! 

~Alicia Dolfinger~

I have a wonderful 3 yr old female, Sadie. She has the best temperament, she is so smart and beautiful. Do not know what we would do without our beautiful girl. Graystone pups are the very best and Bethany is always there for you if you ever have a question. Wouldn't get a dog from anyone else.  ~Mary McAleese~

Bode Miller is my first Graystone springer and most definitely not my last. Bethany Madden breeds the most wonderful, sweet beautiful dogs. He is just beyond words. I absolutely adore him and can't imagine any time before him.

~Hillary Kahn~